Norton Paint Company


Q. Who get's the paint products?

A. I can pick them up and the client pay's us back at the end of the job or the client can go pick up the paint themselfs.

Q. When do you like to start?

A. Normally around 8:00 a.m but it also depends if we are working on other jobs, We also take lunch at 11:00 a.m for thirty minutes.

Q. Do I have to supply any material?

A. I supply the brushes, rollers, drop clothes, etc. The client has to pay for chaulk, patching mix, etc. But I will pick up what I need for the job and add it to the finial bill.

Q. What is your billing process?

A. At the end of every job the client will receive the "Job Folder" it contains all receipts for paint and invoices. Payment is expected on the finial day of job. Cash or Check

Q. Is there any warranty on the work?

A. I do offer a warranty on my work only if it is something that was done wrong on our part. I do not warranty everyday wear and tear things.




  • "We found Norton paint company in the yellow pages in Greensboro and they were great. "
    Yellow Page client
  • "Norton Paint Company did a wonderful job for us. We are very happy with there work and workers. "
    Greensboro Homeowner